Monday, October 18, 2010


Sesekali baca poem ni rasa seronok juga... Harini sempat baca beberapa poem dan nak share one of the poem yang i suke.....baca yer...

How Sweet The Success

Every man strives to succeed in life
He works hard to make his dreams come true
But the reality is that not everyone achieves success too

Success is a like a game of chess
To achieve it you just can’t rest

Success to some comes in effortless
And others it keeps them really anxious
Those who have a strong determination
For them working hard is one easy occupation
They toil until they reach their destination

Success brings in confidence and pride
All you have to do is to keep your spirits high
Hope and prayers makes an easy way
That is what most people say

So to achieve in life put in best efforts and simply strive
Try to keep your nerves under control
Be patient until your wish comes true

Definitely the way to success is not so easy
But to succeed in life you have to give in your best
And the day you achieve your goals
That very moment you realize………..success tastes really sweet.

This poem was written/submitted by Ghazala Lari.

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